Masters Series Curriculum BETA

Cutting-edge knowledge makes Fullstack Academy graduates desirable in the job market. Deep understanding of computer science and software engineering topics helps them build long and fulfilling careers. Fullstack Academy is proud to present our Masters Series curriculum, which is unique within the immersive coding school space.

The Masters Series curriculum is designed to show our students the building blocks of the modern tools that they use. Example projects include students building their own version control system (Git), database (Postgres), compiler and blockchain dapps.

Example Projects


Ever wonder how a computer understands the program that you're writing? We're going to syntax analyzer and parser. Learn how computers go from text files into executable programs and execute static/run-time analysis, code generation and syntax highlighting. Understand how compilers and interpreters work and how to write your own to solve a variety of problems.


Blockchain applications have revolutionized the finance and currency markets and are finding applications across a wide area of fields such as supply chain logistics, contract verification and cat-picture sharing. Build your own dApp (distributed app) on the Ethereum blockchain and deploy using web3.js.


Git (distributed version control system built by Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux) revolutionized the type of workflows that programmers can use to collaborate, especially in the open-source community. Learn the core data structures, diff algorithms and communication methods used by Git by building your own version control system. Know more than the major commands and dive deep into the underlying mechanics of how Git handles versioning.


Databases like Postgres and MySQL power the modern web and web sites live and die by database performance. Implement your own SQL database engine (queries, joins, indexing, insertion) and see the performance implications of different query types. While you probably won't use your own personal database in a production environment, it will greatly increase your confidence in solving data-related problems.

Our Masters Series curriculum will introduce you to some of the most interesting topics in software engineering and give you a theoretical and practical framework to explore them further. Knowledge of these areas helps position Fullstack graduates for long, successful careers in software development.