CTO Program

Beyond Programming - Think Like a CTO

At Fullstack Academy, we’re focused on making you into more than a great coder. We're focused on making you into a great builder. We’ve started and sold companies, built technology teams and scaled up tech businesses. Building software is about more than code. Our CTO Program goes beyond programming and gets you ready to become a leader in the exciting and in-demand software development industry.


The one constant in technology is change. Just as Fullstack's curriculum is constantly being updated, you'll need to be able to learn new technologies throughout your career. It is key to understand where programming languages are going and how to react, learn and utilize them effectively. During the project phase of the course, students are encouraged to use a technology that is outside of our core curriculum. You'll learn how to examine open source projects, tear down libraries and dissect documentation to successfully speed up your learning process. Building that skill will serve you well in your first developer job, and onwards.


Our graduates can jump into technology teams and start contributing right away. You'll understand what technology executives are looking for in their top performers and how to become a star contributor. We'll use various project management and collaboration tools throughout the semester so you become familiar with the working styles of the modern tech team.


Great engineers understand the context in which they're coding. Once you're working as a developer, you'll be part of a larger organization that has important priorities like design, product, business strategy, and more. The CTO Program has modules covering these areas, so that Fullstack graduates can integrate quickly into new teams and understand how they fit into the product creation process and their company's overall business model.


"Open Source", "Free as in beer", "Cathedral versus the Bazaar" - contributing to the community of coders is as old as the profession itself. Part of attending Fullstack Academy is being part of this community through contributing to open source projects and giving presentations to the NYC tech community. Not only is it fun and the right thing to do, it can also be a hook to help you land that first job.


The Web is one of the most amazing technologies ever built by humankind, but it's not the only game in town. We'll use our coding skills to solve all kinds of problems using devices like Tessel, Raspberry Pi, and Mobile.


We want you to have a long career after your time at Fullstack. There are classes, networking events and continuing education available for all alumni of our program. We'll keep you up-to-date so you can continue to "StackUp" against your competition.